Playing music videos in the background on Safari

Do you remember the days when you were able to listen to the video audio in the background while multitasking on your iOS device? If yes, then what we have here is a method that you can use to listen to your video’s audio in the background on higher versions of iOS 5.

How to prepare for an astro-night. A geek’s guide

A good astronomer prepares for an upcoming starry night by studying astronomical maps and noting the stars and planet’s ascensions to get an idea of when the targets will be visible at his/her sky. The geek astronomer today though, uses software to do this faster and easier. While it is not recommended to learn observational… Read More »

3 powerful online tools for graphics editing

It is not always possible to work from the comfort of our desktop machines to perform tasks that may be important to get done ASAP. Moreover, as online tools pullulate and become more powerful, they are handier, cheaper, and simpler to use compared to system-installed applications and the processes involved. In this post, we will… Read More »

Getting to know Hydrogen

Hydrogen is a free and open source, advanced drum beats synthesizer that works on Windows, Linux and Mac. It uses a simple system to compose beats by combining a track and playlist editor. You can start producing some sound by adding an instrument set. There are quite a lot drum sets available out of the… Read More »

5 cool Android Mini-PCs

The world of technology is changing fast, rendering big devices like desktop computers gradually obsolete. With Android conquering single-board hardware markets in every sector (phones, TVs, fridges, cameras, and car media players), it was only a matter of time for powerful mini-pcs to be made available at low prices around the globe.

Responsive Web Design

Unless you have no interest in what is going on in the blogsphere, you might be forgiven for not being aware that Google launched a “Mobile Friendly Update” on April 21, and which has been dubbed by many quarters (erroneously, I would say), as a “Mobilegeddon”. This has been one of the most highly anticipated… Read More »

3 free Operating Systems for this year

2015 will be a quite unique year for tech-enthusiasts. Although making predictions regarding tech developments is not safe even when it only concerns a few months ahead, it is relatively certain that no ground-breaking hardware developments are likely to happen. On the contrary, software will likely be the focus of excitement and innovation once again.… Read More »

Start Programming in 2015 (choosing a language)

Getting started on programming is now wiser and more relevant than ever before. With traditional labor jobs being rapidly replaced by technological progression, programming is a trending profession that can be highly profitable for those that spend enough of their time to learn how to do it properly. Learning how to program though, can be… Read More »

Possible fix for Android Phones that are always freezing

Smartphones are so popular right now that if you don’t own one, you’ll probably be considered outdated. But despite all their seemingly high tech, many models do carry an inherent and potentially fatal flaw – Frequent freezing after a period of use. If you have not yet experienced this yet, than great! But if you… Read More »

How to start developing apps for Android and iOS

If you own an iOS or Android device, then you’re probably familiar with the number of applications or apps that are available for both devices. There are many developers and companies creating numerous apps for these operating systems everyday. It is certainly a lucrative business, and in case you are interested in being an app… Read More »