The current richest man in the world

By | October 30, 2007

There will always be an enduring fascination with the REALLY rich guys who make up the list of “Richest Men in the World.” The current list in the Forbes top 5 has seen several mega billionaires trading places this few months alone. Fueled by soaring commodity and telco stock prices (albeit fluctuating), the top billionaire list has brought out several hitherto “unknown” names to the fore – Carlos Slim, and Mukesh Ambani.

In July this year, Carlos Slim emerged seemingly out of nowhere, to overtake Bill Gates as the world’s richest man – after more than a decade of dominance by Gates. Some sources reported that Slim’s wealth was estimated at $67 billion, ahead of Gates by nearly 9 billion. Now that’s 9 BILLION, mind you.

A couple of days ago, the Forbes top 5 list was reshuffled, when an Indian billionaire with interests in construction, textile, and petroleum industries, Mukesh Ambani, appeared to have overtaken both Slim and Gates. This was widely reported in many Indian newspapers, but subsequently watered down by Ambani’s company, Reliance Industries. Mukesh is not the only Indian up there.

These are interesting times with such a fluid situation, that no one at this point in time, really knows who is exactly the world’s richest man right now. It might not be anything remotely connected with you and me, but it’s still an entertaining, trivial, frolic in financial fantasy. A slight change in stock prices could send any of these guys straight to the top. But one thing’s for certain, the world is going to have to do away with the long held notion of “Worlds Richest Man” revolving around Bill Gates, alone.

How the times have changed.

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39 thoughts on “The current richest man in the world

  1. paul

    it’s really amzing for carlos to be the top,but don’t forget the earth is constantly rotating.tommorrow might be my turn.

  2. DarrinW Post author

    At the moment Warren Buffet is listed on top, but since they are so close, I won’t be surprised to see them trade places. But, yeah, who is to say you can’t be like them one day? 🙂


    I am boy of 20yrs i am very happy for all of them,but i am praying to God to grant me the world lovly man on earth.

  4. Nwabueze Ojei

    I am working to be the next first Richest Youngest Men in the world. May God help ME. Amen.

  5. Agbona Abdul- Rahmon

    Am praying and working to be the world richest man durring my own time, so help me GOD. Amen.

  6. Anugboba Isaiah

    I pray & will work to become number one man in Africa & to be amongst the first-ten in the world.

  7. aarush

    guys , being richest is not the best thing , its being the happiest one.

  8. Uzomba G Idika

    There is saying that every great achiever is born out of great.Am happy for them, and always pray to my God to make me be like them.

  9. Kess Owode

    The idea of the richest man in the world is worth thinking about. Well, anyone who simply is anbitious enough and follows the time-proven principles of financial success,plus being prepared to pay the price will certainly trade positions with the current names on the list. It could be you, it could be me.I’m a newbie.Hi everyone.

  10. Sarah

    I wonder what number is Warren Buffet? I knew sooner or later Bill Gates reign at the top would come to an end soon

  11. odusman

    what is the world richest doing with the money in his position

  12. odusman

    i am rich but i dont want to be publish as other,i live well and eat any thing i want to eat i go any well i want to go,i just want to no why someone need world money in his position when u sleep on one bed,u dont eat more than one plate of food, and when such person pass away he or she wount be lied upon his or he money so what is the need of such pulicity

  13. kachidelight

    well iam happy 4 them.i am looking forward to be the world best motivational speaker.

  14. Janice McConnell

    Soon to be layed off…Happens to everyone. If I were rich I would have a permanent job called vacation forever! Everyone’s Dream I guess. Some times dreams do come true

  15. kamil abubakar

    It is not about becoming the world’s richest,but how to attain peace and harmony in our world today.

  16. martins

    i want to thank God for them.they have to used their money to promot the gospel of christ.they have to be born again.

  17. samson omotoso

    I love them am happy for the changing it means we shall get there one day as hard work and millionare principles with the power of God for you to make it, I samson will be one day be richest man in the world.

  18. oleh vincent chinonso

    i know,i shall the world richest man in future and will be heard around the globe.


    i have always told my self that money is not everything ..i have a nice work and i always meet rich people as i work in 5 stars hotel ..i changed my mind about money is not everything .why i want to scream .and cry .for so many reasons i lost all the
    money stock market ,co maker .for that i cant pay for marrieg party or pay my house rent ..i helped so many people with money and when i needed their help .oho we are sorry .the friend who i am his co maker and the bank deduct monthly payment from my salary just today i know he got married .and when i asked him for my money In beg of the moth he said please forgive me i will give u next month ..god how stuiped i am .or am just good chance for who need giving person ..sorry my friends i just explode .i want the girl that i love to forgive me because i cant continue

  20. DarrinW Post author

    @ mghaith

    Sorry to hear that. It is important to save money when you have it.

  21. JIM

    Current Richest man in the world is Symeon Davros Carnegie Freemanstein

  22. Bianca Solei

    The funny thing is, it doesn’t make one iota of difference to the 6 billion plus inhabitants of the planet who are not billionaires who the richest man alive is. A more interesting question in my mind is why aren’t there any women in the top of this list? And what are these billionaires doing for humanity?

    I suspect the real number one billionaire is not even on the list because he (or hopefully she) has managed to elude all scrutiny by the press.

  23. frank

    hello money is not everything ,wat i want most is happiness in my life, am praying to God Almighty to give me a woman of my own who will love me, i dnt really need to much money bcause it will make me to misbehave and fall short of glory of God,it will make me look for power while am not interested on it at all,my mentor told told me dat i most step on somebody b4 i climb since then i hate him and his money, i will not destroy wat God create bcause of money vanity upon vanity.

  24. frank

    having money without helping people dat is rubbish, most of those people dat has such money pls can u go closer u will find poor people arround them. am not saying money is not good is good but wen u have it try ur best to bless people arround u as God did it for u,

  25. Aashish

    bill gates holds the monarchy but not always will

  26. Okorie John

    Becoming the richest man on earth is an exceptional achievement but what matters most is how far you have utilised your wealth to make your world a better place.What matters most is the question of how far you have stretched out helping hands on the poor and the less priviledged.

  27. Okorie John

    less I forget.Even if you gain the whole world and have no christ, I tell you most solemnly you have and are nothing.Seek ye first the kingdom of God!!!!

  28. dharrey

    I’m very much more certain and belief that i will be on top of the world sooner.perhaps, i’m sure the sky is my starting point.

  29. Alex Smith

    This thing is rotational,i am of the convection that i will one day be on top as the richest man been a business tycoon.

  30. Paul ajie

    Greatness is a thin of the heart,yes they made to the top 2morrow shl be me or u. From paul ajie.

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