Different ways to take a screenshot in Mac OS X

If you are new to Macs or simply never needed to take a screenshot, don’t worry – it’s quite easy. There’s actually a couple of ways you can take a screenshot in Mac OS X (now simply called OS X), and certain methods might work better on a particular occasion.

Increase battery life on laptops running Windows 7

Recently, I got myself a new Asus laptop running Windows 7. While the trend is towards more mobile netbooks and tablets, laptops are still very much relevant due to their computing power, and it will continue to be so for some time to come. While we enjoy their mobility and their compact design, laptops can… Read More »

How to connect an external display to a laptop

Laptops are great for the mobility they give you, but if you are using one at home you might want to consider adding a second display to your setup. Additional display will give you more screen real estate, therefore increasing your productivity. If you’re doing any type of work such as graphic design, video editing,… Read More »

5 cool features of the Samsung Galaxy S4

While the new Samsung Galaxy S4 never fails to impress us with its smooth design, overwhelming power, and radical options, there are some features that remain mostly hidden, or at least less known to most users. In this post, I will show you 5 built-in features which should improve your Galaxy S4 experience.

5 HTC One features every owner should know

Although many owners of HTC One might think they know their devices down to every option and push of a button, there are some features supported by this device that are not commonly known. Today, we will show you 5 not so well known features that should make your HTC One a more efficient device.

Giving the Best Customer Satisfaction With Chatwing

A chatroom on a site can bring a lot of things. It can compliment a site greatly by using it as a supporting tool for the site’s viewers. However, if it’s not managed properly, it can cause harm to the site’s reputation as it can be exploited by spammers. With Chatwing chat sotware, spam and… Read More »

Top new features iOS 7 brings to the table

It’s been six years since the introduction of the original iPhone, which featured the first version of iOS. Since then it has evolved into a powerful mobile operating system, but it has never received a huge update. With the introduction of iOS7, this changes. The operating system is now receiving a complete design overhaul, and… Read More »

Top new features in Mac OS X Mavericks

During the ever-growing WWDC conference held in June, Apple announced its new operating system for Macs – OS X 10.9 called Mavericks. It will be available for the public in the fall of 2013. Just like every previous version, Mavericks will bring many new features targeting different users, but there are several advanced features that… Read More »

How to manage rules using advanced firewall settings in Windows 7

The Windows operating system has a rather decent firewall (notwithstanding its flaws), and the Vista firewall was said to be a significant improvement. But Microsoft has managed to improve upon the Vista firewall in the current Windows 7 firewall. There are some new features that the user can use in the new firewall to manage… Read More »

Chatwing: Reiterating Information Convergence

Information is the most important commodity in this generation. The more you know and the easier you access sources of essential information, the more you become ahead of competitors, especially in business industry. Of course, you don’t wait for data to come to you; you must set up a system in gathering and sharing information.… Read More »