Edit an MP3 song to add extra silent time

By | May 25, 2008

If you’re like the millions of audio buffs out there, you’ll find that quite often, certain mp3 songs end too quickly. That means, they have little or no period of silence after the ending of the song. It could be due to sloppy editing of the song copy by the person who edited and saved the mp3.

How do we fix this? I’ve been searching for a way to add a few extra seconds of silent time to some of the mp3 songs, I have because I find their abrupt ending a little too jarring. A few extra seconds of silent time added to the mp3 right after the anding should make it sound better, and more natural.

Rather surprisingly, searching and asking this question in forums did not turn up a suitable answer. But enter Audacity. This is a free and open source digital audio editor software program that helped to do just what I wanted.


So if you’re in a similar situation and wish to add more silent time to an mp3, here’s a quick guide to do that:

1) Download and install Audacity.

2) Download the LAME mp3 encoder file, called lame_enc.dll from a trusted dll file site.

3) Open up the mp3 file in Audacity.

4) Point the cursor really carefully at the point you want to add extra silent time to the song. As far as possible, this should be right at the point of the stated end time of the song, which will be displayed in Audacity.

5) In Audacity, click on Generate Silence.

Generate silence in Audacity

6) Add in the few seconds. If the song already has a couple seconds of fade out, then you’d probably just want to add a couple of seconds of extra silence.

Add a few seconds of silence in Audacity

7) Export the modified song (currently an Audacity file) as an mp3 song, and you’re done.

Export modified Audacity file as mp3

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8 thoughts on “Edit an MP3 song to add extra silent time

  1. Shivaji

    Hi,. Thank you for the Detailed Explanation…. is it full version software?..

  2. Laurie

    Thank you for posting this!!! I had been searching for this answer!!

  3. Anna

    Thanks for that – it’s hard to listen to my iPod sometimes when there are no breaks between songs and they kind of meld together. This software looks like a great solution.

  4. dvd to avi

    This post is very nice and useful for adding more silent time to an mp3 i never heard and lacking before to use mp3 editor software. this is one of the best articles. good tips

  5. Tony Chai

    Thank you for sharing this. I’ve actually wanted to add some silent sound to make the pauses sound more natural in my goal manifestation hypnotic induction mp3 audio file.

  6. W

    Great, thanks! Your page was the first one to be helpful after I googled “add silence to MP3” 🙂

  7. Lynell

    Tuchodonw! That’s a really cool way of putting it!

  8. dartmouth

    It should be said that this is a process that will degrade the sound quality of your files – when you re-save the file with the added silence as an MP3, you’re re-encoding the audio and might end up with more noticeable ‘compression artifacts’. You could re-save the file with a lossless encoder like FLAC instead, but you’ll end up with really large files (that won’t necessarily play on your portable media player). Just a warning for anyone doing this to irreplaceable files!

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