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Half a million dot Asia registrations so far

With half a million .Asia domain registrations to date, it can’t be more crazy than this. So much so, the planned auctions have been postponed to what appears to be an indefinite date. The Landrush had closed on March 12, but due to the overwhelming number of domain registrations, it seems all those domains with… Read More »

Register a .Asia while the landrush is on

The domain TLD .Asia Landrush is currently open for registration by the public and corporations. The company responsible for sponsoring the extension is the DotAsia Organization, while the registrations are operated by Afilias, the same registry operator for the popular .Info extension. Since the Landrush period for .Asia is only for a limited time (02/20/2008… Read More »

The 5 most common newbie domainer mistakes

Being a newbie domainer can be daunting, and confusing for some. Most of the time, beginners do a lot of stuff wrong before doing them right. The key is to realize that domain investment is fraught with risks. So before we proceed, let’s be clear – Domaining is mostly an activity akin to speculation. With… Read More »

Domainers who own the Web

While there is a domain conference going on somewhere in Seattle (which doesnt really involve you or me), something jolted my mind today – how some of the biggest dotcom moguls today quietly made their fortunes while the rest of the world slept, almost ten years ago. These are the guys you never really see… Read More »

Domain valuation isnt spelled clearly

These days, go to any site that sells domains and you’ll notice something in common with probably 80% of all the domains on sale – The price usually doesn’t reflect the true value of the domain. Valuation of domains is a rather lucrative business in itself. In fact, many registrars like Godaddy for example, offer… Read More »

The basic process in transferrring a domain name

I notice a lot of people have and are still asking questions about how to transfer a domain name from one registrar to another. Your domain is the most valuable component of your online presence – make sure it sits in good hands. People transfer domains for all kinds of reasons but probably the main… Read More »