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Responsive Web Design

Unless you have no interest in what is going on in the blogsphere, you might be forgiven for not being aware that Google launched a “Mobile Friendly Update” on April 21, and which has been dubbed by many quarters (erroneously, I would say), as a “Mobilegeddon”. This has been one of the most highly anticipated… Read More »

Possible fix for Android Phones that are always freezing

Smartphones are so popular right now that if you don’t own one, you’ll probably be considered outdated. But despite all their seemingly high tech, many models do carry an inherent and potentially fatal flaw – Frequent freezing after a period of use. If you have not yet experienced this yet, than great! But if you… Read More »

5 cool features of the Samsung Galaxy S4

While the new Samsung Galaxy S4 never fails to impress us with its smooth design, overwhelming power, and radical options, there are some features that remain mostly hidden, or at least less known to most users. In this post, I will show you 5 built-in features which should improve your Galaxy S4 experience.

5 HTC One features every owner should know

Although many owners of HTC One might think they know their devices down to every option and push of a button, there are some features supported by this device that are not commonly known. Today, we will show you 5 not so well known features that should make your HTC One a more efficient device.

How Spy Applications Can Steal the Data of Any Smartphone

More and more, people are realizing that mobile spying apps are prevalent these days. Mobile spy technology is a double edged sword, because they can both detrimental and beneficial, depending on the situation. In case you are wondering who would want to use such software, don’t be surprised there are parties that do want such… Read More »

How to secure your iPhone from theft

According to the latest reports, the New York Police Department has concluded that one of the most wanted gadgets by thieves in the city is the iPhone. This is not surprising, as the iPhone is an enticing device with all kinds of features and utilities. Surveys have reported that around 70% of the stolen smartphones… Read More »