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A rant about EzineArticles

EzineArticles have been for long one of the most recommended article sites on the Web to do article marketing and promotion. I also use EzineArticles for the very same reasons; writing a good article for EzineArticles can definitely help to bring some new visitors to your site or business. But lately, I get the feeling… Read More »

Article directory submission tips

Article marketing is a great way to give your website a temporary boost in the search engine results pages. Although your articles lose flavor over time, and thus require multiple submissions to be continually effective, they are still one of the best free ways to get referral traffic from your articles, as well as contribute… Read More »

3 writing tips

Are you a better talker than you are a writer? Although I assume all bloggers and content publishers should belong to the “writers” group, there exists at the same time a vast majority of people out there who do have trouble writing and creating content for their websites. They would rather talk than write. I… Read More »

How to use keywords in your article

Search engine marketing relies heavily on articles to promote products. Without a proper keyword optimized article, it is going to be difficult to get your article up in the search engine results. As if it has become a byword, unique quality content is important to please both search engines and humans. But whereas humans can… Read More »