Chatwing: Reiterating Information Convergence

By | May 8, 2013

Information is the most important commodity in this generation. The more you know and the easier you access sources of essential information, the more you become ahead of competitors, especially in business industry. Of course, you don’t wait for data to come to you; you must set up a system in gathering and sharing information. The most practical step is to embed a chat app in your website or blog.

The system or the website chat apps must not be complicated so that it won’t take up the bulk of your time. Remember, time is also one of your significant resources. Chatwing chatbox is one of the top ranking chat apps online. It’s known for its simple interface and dynamic features that make it easy to use and benefit from.

Once installed, which will only take you a minute or less by the way, you can immediately experience global connectivity. Chatwing chat app is socially integrated, making it effortless for other users to access your chat room. You can control Chatwing’s log-in method easily.

You can choose to allow users to only use their Facebook or Twitter in logging in, or to boost traffic, why not allow Yahoo and Gmail users to interact with you too? After all what you want is an improved online presence and social visibility that will benefit you in the long run.


Sharing of information is straight forward with Chatwing. Users can use avatars and cute emoticons for a more entertaining exchange. You can also upload images and music links at any time. Chatwing chatbox is highly customizable, which you can use for marketing or branding purposes.

Chatwing2Chatwing works like MSN and at the same time, it doesn’t – and that all depends on the user. That’s because Chatwing has a lot of log-in methods to choose from, and the user can choose to restrict the chatters into logging in through a specific method or give them access to all of it. You can use a Chatwing account or sign in anonymously as a guest. And through its social media networking feature, you can also log-in using your Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Google accounts.

Its customization features is one of Chatwing’s strong points. Through it, the user can turn a bland chatbox into something that will make site readers notice it at first glance – Chatwing is capable of changing its appearance according to the user’s preferences, down to the very last detail.

The security features are very easy to use and implement over the chat room – with a click of the mouse button, you can ban those offenders and prevent them from disrupting the flow of conversation with your fellow chatters. The fact that users have so much freedom in what they can do about their own chatroom is what makes Chatwing so great and fun to use.

As a user, Chatwing website chat app provides you with a wide range of options in modifying your chat tool and how you want to interact with your blog and website visitors. You can chat with a thousand users at once through the pop-up window style or the regular shoutbox. You can also choose to communicate with chosen online surfers through Chatwing’s vanity URL form.

Information and communication are tools in measuring and directing your online success. To maximize these factors, use widgets that are tested in providing quality services. Chatwing will soon introduce more features that aim to assist online entrepreneurs and marketers.

Author and Developer Bio:

Aaron Kong is a web developer who has worked to develop the Chatwing chat tool. Chatwing was developed and founded on the principles of open communication with the goal of bringing an interactive element to websites. Aaron continues to work in developing better ways to bridge the gap between technology, communication, and internet freedom. Check out Chatwing today.

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