Giving the Best Customer Satisfaction With Chatwing

By | October 26, 2013

A chatroom on a site can bring a lot of things. It can compliment a site greatly by using it as a supporting tool for the site’s viewers. However, if it’s not managed properly, it can cause harm to the site’s reputation as it can be exploited by spammers.

With Chatwing chat sotware, spam and whatnot aren’t a problem. Because this chatting tool is not only excellent in providing live chat, it also has the means to fend off spammers and their repetitive messages. If you want a chatbox that will deliver the best chatting experience, then it’s about time you embed Chatwing into your site. You’ll only need to follow these simple procedures below.

Step 1: Register a Chatwing Account

Before anything else, get a Chatwing account. You can do so by going to Chatwing’s homepage and pressing on the Register button. A registration form will show up in which you need to fill it up. You’re only going to supply it with a valid email address and a password for your account-to-be so you’ll definitely complete this task in less than a minute.

Note: Don’t forget to check the boxes on the lower part of the registration form before pressing the Register button.


Step 2: Create a Chatbox

Before using the chatroom, you have to create one yourself. After the registration process, you’ll be redirected to the Dashboard page immediately – this is where you can create it. All you need to do is press the Create chatbox button. You’ll be redirected again to the next page after that.


Step 3: Customization

By now, you’re in the Customization page. In this page, you can modify the different parts of your chatbox which are currently set in default or use Chatwing’s other functions. Customizing is easy, and since the whole page is divided into tabs, navigating through it won’t be a problem. You can switch to Advance mode too for more customization options by pressing the Switch button on top of the Customization page.

In each tab, there are Save buttons on the bottom. You need to press these as you change the current settings of your chatbox to save those changes. You can see the changes you’ve made on the preview window on the right side of the page. Once you’re done customizing, press the Use button on top of the Customization page.


Step 4: Embedding

Now, you’re at the Embedding page. There are three tabs to choose from here and each one represents how you’re going to utilize the chatbox you have – Group Chat URL, Embedded Options and Popout Options. As a site owner, the best one to choose from would be Embedded Options – choose that.


In this tab, you can see the preview for your chatbox before it gets embedded. You can change its current size and make it fit for your site using the Height and Width controls provided. The size of the chatbox on the preview window is going to be its actual size once it gets embedded on your site.


When you’re satisfied of the size of your chatbox, look for its HTML codes under Javascript. There are two groups of codes there – copy both of them. You will then need to paste them at the part of your site where you want to set up the chatbox (preferably in the widget section). Once done, save your changes and open your site again to see your new chatroom.



Note: If your site doesn’t support Javascript, then replace the codes with the iFrame codes. You can find it on the bottom part of the Embedded Options tab.

Chatwing as a Supporting Tool

Since Chatwing has excellent chatting capabilities, using it as a supporting tool on your site is a great move on your part. Your viewers can easily use it using their very lenient log-in method that utilizes their social media accounts. For you, managing the chatroom is also a piece of cake with its security functions. You can kick anyone out of the chatroom and delete all their messages if they try to be a nuisance and flood the chatroom.

Providing entertainment is also possible with Chatwing chat software. You can customize it and turn it into a very unique looking tool that will make people want to use it. You can allow images and videos to be viewed inside the chatroom to make it more interactive and engaging for your chatters. And you can spend your sweet time chatting while playing music inside it.

Chatwing is a very flexible tool that can fit into anyone’s preferences. And as a tool that provides customer satisfaction, its efficiency is guaranteed. This chat  software will deliver on the best chatting experience.

Author and Developer Bio:

Aaron Kong is a web developer who has worked to develop the Chatwing chat tool. Chatwing was developed and founded on the principles of open communication with the goal of bringing an interactive element to websites. Aaron continues to work in developing better ways to bridge the gap between technology, communication, and internet freedom. Check out Chatwing today.

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