Money falls into the lap of some Japanese mysteriously

By | August 1, 2007

1000yen.jpg Have you ever wished at any time, for money to fall from the sky right into your lap? I know that’s what our mothers told us, that money doesn’t fall from the sky, but apparently some lucky Japanese people experienced this.

Now that wasn’t even small change. 1.81 million yen split among 18 people is 100,555 yen and according to the XE conversion site, that’s a nice 848 USD per person 🙂


Wow, 848 USD can buy me a nice 3 days holiday to Bali. Now how’s that for free? Not even Bill Gates (for all his charitable deeds) is gonna give me $848. But that’s what some mystery rich dude in Japan has decided to do. Even God/Santa Claus/Aladdin’s magic genie got into the act, and rained downed 960,000 yen (8100 dollars) in front of the convenience store…

Sometimes it’s good to live in Japan, high cost of living or not….

BUT wait,

What did some of those lucky recipients do? They got freaked out (too much Ringu perhaps) and reported the money to the police!!

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