Nina Wang leaves behind a huge fortune

By | April 8, 2007

I just heard that Nina Wang, who was Asia’s richest woman has passed away, and it is seems rather ironic that when she was alive, she was reknowned as a very “thrifty” person, and now all that enormous fortune will be left behind to others although it’s still a unclear who actually will get most of it.

Here are a few fact bits about Nina Wang:

  • Born Sept 29, 1937 – Died April 3, 2007
  • Chairwomen of the Chinachem Group, which she took over after her husband, Teddy Wang was mysteriously kidnapped and never found again.
  • Created headlines in 2002 when she was charged with forging her late husbands will and lost a high profile court case, amidst accusations of adultery, but then had the court ruling overturned in 2005, and regained Chinachem.
  • Had a reported net worth of $4.2 billion when she died.
  • Loved cheap instant noodles, traditional dressing and styling her hair in pigtails, and known as generally eccentric.

From what I heard from the news, Nina Wang knew that she was dying of cancer for years but didn’t want to acknowledge that until it was too late. Well, it just goes to show all the money in the world isn’t going to save a person from dying if that’s written in the stars.

Just a comment, (she was very famous for being a scrooge, it was reported she hardly spent anything for herself)…couldn’t at least she give part of her fortune away to charity because she knew she wasn’t going to live for long?

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