Start Programming in 2015 (choosing a language)

By | January 24, 2015

Getting started on programming is now wiser and more relevant than ever before. With traditional labor jobs being rapidly replaced by technological progression, programming is a trending profession that can be highly profitable for those that spend enough of their time to learn how to do it properly. Learning how to program though, can be achieved in so many different ways today, that newbies may find themselves lost in a world of overwhelming and often contradicting information.

The first thing that an aspiring programmer has to do is to choose the language he/she is intending to learn. There are many different programming languages created for different purposes. To be able to choose the right language for a purpose, one has to consider what the to-be-developed project will be, and on what platforms it will be required to run. Here’s a list of the five most popular programming languages in 2015, for every purpose:

  • I want to start easy and build something that works everywhere. – Learn Python

Python is one of the easiest to learn programming languages that is widely used in many sectors (technical, scientific, simulative, education, web design, artificial intelligence). Big tech companies require the knowledge of Python from their employees so if you dream of landing a job on Facebook or Google, learning Python will be obligatory. If it is web design you are interested in, Python can deliver through Django.

  • I want to build web user interfaces and HTML5 applications. – Learn JavaScript

JavaScript is maybe the hottest trend in programming during the past two years, and this is only going to grow during 2015. It is loved for the ease with which CSS and HTML scripts can be created, as well as the interactive web elements that it can deliver. With mobile devices going the HTML5 way too (Android 5, Firefox OS), JavaScript will get increasingly more popular from now on.


  • I want to write code that runs on Apple devices. – Learn Swift

Swift is a modern sophisticated programming language aimed at Apple iOS and OSX platforms. Having been released in 2014, this language is young but is trending very well, thanks to its advanced features and rich documentation. It combines the beneficial characteristics of 10 other languages including Ruby, C#, Python and Haskell.

  • I want my code to run on Microsoft devices. – Learn C#

While Microsoft isn’t the leader in computing anymore, the marketing share of Windows remains the highest of all. Add Windows mobile users and you have the largest customer pool available right now. 2015 won’t change that and C# remains the number one choice for everyone that wants to develop tools that run on Microsoft platforms. From powerful desktop applications to stunning 3D games, C# can create everything, including web interfaces with .NET framework.

  • I just want to make money! – Learn Java

Java is the most widely used programming language and also the one that enjoys the biggest demand. It is now mostly used for Android applications and games development which will remain a growing market in 2015. It is also highly suitable for enterprise level on-line services/applications. Java is highly portable and can work in any platform, often without the need for even minor adjustments to the code. On the bad side, it is a bit hard to master, but hey you want to make money right?

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