Top new features iOS 7 brings to the table

By | September 4, 2013

It’s been six years since the introduction of the original iPhone, which featured the first version of iOS. Since then it has evolved into a powerful mobile operating system, but it has never received a huge update. With the introduction of iOS7, this changes. The operating system is now receiving a complete design overhaul, and introduces a lot of new features.

A new design

Let’s begin with the new design. Over the last few months there’s been a lot of talk about the route Apple will take with iOS’ new design, and people who were suggesting they will move from “skeuomorphic” to a more flatter design were right. Although the design is not completely flat, it is quite simpler, with fewer details, higher contrast, while still feeling familiar. Although some people criticized Apple’s decision to take this route, the new design has received generally favorable reviews. We will have to wait until the official release to see the final version.


2-ios7-control-centerControl Center

Control Center is a nifty little tool that gives you quick access to some of the most commonly used controls and apps. With a simple swipe up, a Control Center will show up, and you will be able to do things such as turn Wi-Fi on or off, adjust brightness, control the music player, or access the flashlight, calculator, camera, and many other things.


Apple is bringing a new way of smart multitasking on iPhones. Besides just switching between apps, iOS 7 will learn your habits and update the content for certain apps even before you lunch them. For example, if you tend to check your Twitter account every day after work, your feed will be automatically ready for you around that time.

Camera and Photos

Besides the usual photo, video, and panorama options, you now have the ability to take square photos. This combined with a lot of built in filters works great as an alternative to e.g. Instagram’s filters.

Photos application has been completely redesigned as well. It features a much simpler design with the new iOS version. You can browse through your old photos much quicker, with the ability to browse through different groups of photos based on time and places. You can even view every photo that you took in one year, all on a single screen.



Sure, you can send a document or a photo to someone via email or text, but if they are in your close proximity, now you have another simpler option. With AirDrop, you can easily share photos, videos etc. with other people. Simply select one or more people who are nearby, click share, and the transfer will begin.


There are many smaller features and updates such as iTunes Radio, which features streaming radio stations, faster and better Safari, updated Siri, and better Notification Center. With so many updates and a complete design overhaul, every iDevice user is advised to update to iOS 7 as soon as it becomes available.

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