Updated in PageRank, Alexa and WordPress

By | May 3, 2008

The past week has seen another Google Pagerank (PR) update, which has just about concluded. And I’m pretty glad to see my Pagerank updated to a PR 4! Here is a Pagerank checking site. Although webmasters will tell you that Pagerank is not important, they all secretly value it. Bragging rights maybe. I bet you will still hear all the moans and groans from those who lost PR at each update. So let’s be honest, we want a nice Pagerank, but we don’t need it.

Not too long ago, my blog was having a PR 3, and then it became “not available” in the last update. This recent update, Google seems to have gone generous again, and more websites once again report rises in PR, rather than drops. Probably a sign that Google is satisfied with all the cleanups it has done so far in punishing PR selling 😉

Oh, but what am I talking about Pagerank at all? Does it really matter in the “success” of a website? It does, in a way. What is more important, is traffic. That’s why Alexa’s recent changes have been received positively by most webmasters.

Some people say blogging about Alexa will improve your ranking, but I doubt it. Here’s a similar view. Anyway, blogging about Alexa every now and then can be quite fun, because it is just one of those metrics that some dudes manipulate like crazy.

For me, I’ve got better things to do.

On a recent note, I updated this blog to the latest WordPress – finally.

Still watching out if there’s any bugs happening with this theme. So far, so good. Love the one click updates to plugins, but wish they’d make updating WordPress a one click thing too.

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