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My review of MDD Hosting

So I have been a webmaster and blogger for a pretty long time now, and have probably used close to TEN web hosting companies so far. For almost the past two years, I’ve been using MDD Hosting (affiliate link), and today’s belated review is about their web hosting.

One would think that after almost 2 years that it would be sufficient time to get a pretty good picture of their service? I would think so. So after 2 years of being with MDD Hosting, what has been my shared hosting experience? Just remember, as long as it’s a shared hosting account, it is always going to be limited in one way or the other, but that said, MDD Hosting has turned out to be a pleasant surprise for me.

First off, a little about their background. MDD Hosting is a fairly new web hosting company based in the USA and founded in 2007. But I would take that as a positive, as it means their hardware is most likely on the newer side, compared to others. Their main data center is located in Denver, Colorado.

Uptime & Security

In all my time with them, I do not think my site has been through any major (let alone minor) downtime episodes. This praise of their uptime performance is well echoed by everyone. MDD Hosting uses the newer Litespeed servers, not Apache servers. This gives an edge in terms of better loading speeds for most kinds of sites. The quota that I’ve been given for my account is also pretty generous, with a balanced mix of disk space and bandwidth, although I think their bandwidth allocation is actually quite generous.

MDD places a lot of emphasis on security, which is a good thing; it shows they take security seriously. Especially these days with the large number of bots/hackers around, WordPress seems especially vulnerable. To date, I’ve been notified by MDD to change passwords several times (simply as a security measure), and I know they often tweak their security settings, for example with mod rewrite, etc. Never got that with other hosts. If there are any DDOS or bot hacking attacks at large, you can count on these guys to be sending out advance warning notices to their customers.

mdd hosting

You might notice that the Basic hosting price is even lower than their banner, which is a few years old.

Stellar Support

The best part about MDD Hosting though, is the Support. I have always found the support at MDD to be personalized most of the time. This is unlike the deadpan monologue type of support that I get from other hosting companies. If the level 1 support cannot solve my problem, my ticket is usually passed down to Tim. M or Michael Denney (the owner), and these guys have always solved my issues, even logging into my site if they needed to inspect something.

In short, these guys are real, and they get the job done with a no-nonsense approach. Once in a while, my tickets might take an hour-plus to get replied to, especially in the wee hours of the morning for the staff, but these are rare. Usually, within 30 minutes or less, I would be attended to.

I’ve had web hosts whose support seemed to either 1) never read my tickets properly, or 2) not understand them no matter how many times you repeat yourself. The tickets get passed around, and it takes forever to resolve something. This has not been the case with MDD. That’s what I mean by the personalized responses. And this can make all the difference….

In summary

MDD Hosting may not be the cheapest web host around, but they manage their ship well. Although many web hosts offer next to “unlimited” hosting at dirt cheap prices, but you get what you pay for. MDD Hosting do not seem to heavily advertise themselves; the fact is they get plenty of positive reviews from their customers, and they get a lot of business just from word of mouth.

For me, I’m a pretty satisfied customer (so far).

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