For better SEO results, consider a translation plugin for your blog

By | June 24, 2007

I just installed a translation plugin on Modern Street. It works quite ok for now. I found this plugin at The World’s Greatest Blog. 😉 (Thanks Rob)

There are currently, a few around that may or may not work for your particular blog. I recommend searching around until you find one that works.

SEO-wise, you should consider a plugin for translating your blog since getting spidered in different languages should no doubt, give your blog more search engine presence. Some people have voiced concerns about possible duplicate content penalties, but that doesn’t make sense. Google considers “different language, different content“. [Update] Possible problems are not because of duplicate content have never been that, but far from it; currently Google may have problems recognizing the URLs of translated posts in terms of character case.

Since the Web is universal after all, it makes some sense to render your blog in as many languages as possible. Even though current translation services are rudimentary at best and do a poor job of properly conveying your message, something is better than nothing. Also, since the translations are not very good, you don’t have to worry about duplicate content in the first place; for all you know, your blog translations may turn out to be quite different than what you intended them to be! [Edit]Then again, you may not want to be misunderstood…so not recommended for political blogs 😉

Just two “iffy” points for me using a translator, and I’m aware of them:

  • My header logo graphic gets skewed by certain language renditions of my blog title.
  • The Google Ajax search plugin doesn’t work with other language translations of my blog. I suppose so, since it I can’t expect it to search and translate searches at the same time.

At any rate, having positive benefits out of having a translator on your blog outweighs the negatives, and I recommend that you get one yourself for your site or blog.

Update: Decided to put aside a translator until I can be sure of a few things with Google. Also, currently Google is not capable yet of rendering complex sentences and conveying them accurately in another language.

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