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Top 4 Blogging Facts – Why some blogs are so popular

Guest post by Paul Wallis, an Australian freelance writer and journalist. He writes extensively in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the US. Why are some blogs incredibly popular? Why do great blogs get barely noticed? Why do some pretty banal looking things get millions of hits when something which is bordering on genius is ignored? It’s… Read More »

Blogging begins with a domain name

I think I mentioned myself being a part time domain investor, and I own a number of domains, which I’ve either bought from others or registered myself. So it stands to reason why I’ve rambled about domains in the past. If you’ve been planning to have an online presence, remember, the first smart step is… Read More »

Free content giveaways – RevResponse

We all want stuff for free. I do, you do. And it seems more and more companies seem to be grasping this concept too. That consumers like freebies. This free giveaway business model seems to be slowly replacing traditional business concepts, and flourishing on the Web. From unlimited email, to unlimited bandwidth, to free hosting,… Read More »