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5 cool Android Mini-PCs

The world of technology is changing fast, rendering big devices like desktop computers gradually obsolete. With Android conquering single-board hardware markets in every sector (phones, TVs, fridges, cameras, and car media players), it was only a matter of time for powerful mini-pcs to be made available at low prices around the globe.

Troubleshooting Network Connection Problems

Network and internet connectivity issues can be caused by a whole host of different things ranging from hardware failures including cabling and NIC card to ISP outages and router failures. Previously, I mentioned how to set up a remote access VPN connection; now let’s take a look at how to troubleshoot network connection problems. The… Read More »

Remote Access VPN

Do you work by telecommuting? I know some do, but it’s not really a reality yet (mostly). The world still runs on the 9-5 on-site job unfortunately. Not only is telecommuting a less stressful way to work, but it is way better for the environment (plus many other positives your boss never mentioned). But telecommunicating… Read More »

Slow startup and shut down for your PC? Tips on how to quicken them

According to Microsoft, Windows XP was designed to boot up in 30 seconds, and if you add several additional services, this can take up to a minute. The time taken usually depends on additional functionalities you add to your system. The time of startup and shutdown also depend on the speed of your CPU and… Read More »