BlogRush widget for bloggers

By | September 15, 2007

I just found a new widget which I believe would be an aid for bloggers called BlogRush. I’ve just added it to my sidebar as you can see. It comes courtesy of John Reese and his development team, and what it does is help you get more traffic by getting your posts showing up randomly in other blogs that have the widget installed.

The widget only shows posts from blogs that are related to you by topic. Clicking on the links in the widget takes you to the featured blog. So, it’s a useful way for bloggers everywhere to share news of what’s going on with their blogs and have it displayed on other blogs for free.

That’s right. It’s free. 🙂

How do you add it your blog?

You sign up with them, and they’ll provide you with a piece of code.

You either add the code directly to your sidebar file, or use it as a widget. In WordPress, just add a PHP widget to your sidebar, and paste the code they gave you earlier into the widget.


It’s still early days (the widget just got released yesterday) to say how useful this widget will be in adding extra traffic to your existing blog; the video on the site explains a lot more (although it’s a bit iffy, maybe because of the traffic surge to there). But this looks like a pretty useful widget from John Reese, so why not?

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