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Why Windows is better than Linux in web design

For anyone working in web design, the operating system they choose for their working computer can be an important and strategic choice. Of course, every computer uses an operating system, with some of the most popular operating systems today being Windows, Mac OS and Linux. While the advantages and disadvantages of Windows and Mac in… Read More »

Getting a website designed and built by outsourcing

These days, everyone including their grandma wants a website. Never mind if it is technically a blog or just something high tech like a forum or directory. But, let’s call all of them websites for convenience sake. I know a lot of people would like to have their own website, or are thinking of getting… Read More »

To open links in new window or not?

This topic was discussed recently on Problogger regarding the opening of links in a new window; whether it was a good practice or not. Now this is an interesting subject, not least because it received a lot of comments. In fact, I’ve always wondered which would make the better choice. That Problogger post was a… Read More »

4 website design and usability rules

Do you come across websites that look like they could do much better if they switched their graphic designers? I do every so often come across sites like these, and sometimes I wonder if these websites ever realized how much their sites need a facelift or some reworking of sorts. Website design and usability are… Read More »