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Seven tips to speed up Firefox

Mozilla’s Firefox has been arguably the best web browser for the last couple of years and has outperformed other popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari consistently. What makes Firefox better is its simple architecture, well thought out functionality and its speed. But even Firefox can be made faster by tweaking its settings a… Read More »

9 Must-Have Firefox Add-ons for Web Developers

An obvious difference between Firefox and other browsers is the ability to install add-ons or plugins that can enhance the surfing experience (at least for the majority of add-ons). If you are a web developer, creating user-friendly and standards compliant webpages is important. You may be designing a complex application or a simple webpage, but… Read More »

Using Firefox more efficiently

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers out there, no doubt. You may also like it for its extensible features and (relatively) high stability. But how can you make it work better for you? Here, I’ve compiled a short list of tips for using Firefox more efficiently.

Making Internet Explorer safer

Since switching from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox two years ago, I’ve had better surf speeds and less trouble with spyware. It’s not that Firefox is the best Web browser; but overall, Firefox is relatively better in most aspects except for the resource usage part. If you want to use Internet Explorer, you can try… Read More »