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Interesting computer stuff you may not know

Maybe you have heard of them, maybe you have not. But I’m sure if you use your computer everyday, you probably would have wondered about them at one time or the other. I know I did. Here are some bytes and pieces about computer care which have been oft discussed throughout the relatively short history… Read More »

Troubleshooting Network Connection Problems

Network and internet connectivity issues can be caused by a whole host of different things ranging from hardware failures including cabling and NIC card to ISP outages and router failures. Previously, I mentioned how to set up a remote access VPN connection; now let’s take a look at how to troubleshoot network connection problems. The… Read More »

Remote Access VPN

Do you work by telecommuting? I know some do, but it’s not really a reality yet (mostly). The world still runs on the 9-5 on-site job unfortunately. Not only is telecommuting a less stressful way to work, but it is way better for the environment (plus many other positives your boss never mentioned). But telecommunicating… Read More »

Registry cleaners and the Windows registry

One of the things I am thinking of doing here on my blog is putting more weight on tech topics. That doesn’t mean I won’t write on Web stuff, but I admit tech topics can be often fun – especially if it is something ALL of us can relate to. Now, I don’t claim to… Read More »

Some basic tips before you overclock your PC

Overclocking means to speed up your processors speed by its ratings to some higher values so as to make it run faster. This is always a bit risky, and more or less related to hardware aspects. But for PCs, overclocking is a relatively safe way to get more out of your machine. The CPU multiplier… Read More »