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Google Penguin

On April 24, Big Google unleashed a nuke in the form of an update they named Penguin. Although it has been a month since the update was unleashed, the effect is still felt as everyone tries to understand what exactly went on. The truth is, this update was the biggest I’ve ever seen from Google,… Read More »

Finding bot names to exclude from your robots file.

You might have noticed an increase in the number of bots trawling the Web these days. Some are good, some are not. Good bots obey the robots.txt file, but unfortunately most bad bots don’t. In fact bad bots not only don’t obey the robots.txt file, they also steal information or download entire pages off your… Read More »

Using robots.txt file to prevent search engine spidering

When a search engine spider vists a site, say, first of all, it checks for If the robots.txt file exists (you actually created one) it will look for this code. User-agent: * Disallow: / Sometimes, for certain reasons such as: sales pages site rules disclaimers privacy policies private pages contact pages (prevent spamming)… Read More »

SearchMash, a cool search engine from Google.

I have been using this search engine for a while and I’ll give it the thumbs up. SearchMash is a search engine owned and operated by Google and is basically a test bed for Google to test out new interfaces and other user friendly features. True to Google style, it is very plain and appears… Read More »