How to Manage WordPress Security: SSL vs SSH

By | September 9, 2020

Sharing confidential or any information online can be tricky, keeping in view the rising security threats these days. People often consult custom software development services to make their digital platforms more secure and to facilitate their seamless working. Likewise, when it comes to the most widely used CMS, i.e. WordPress, the security concerns had its users divided. There is always constant debate about what works best i.e. either SSL or SSH or both.

Let’s have a look at how to manage WordPress security features using the SSL or SSH protocols, and what works best:

What is SSH?

First things first, let’s differentiate between SSH and SSL. SSH or secure shell is a way to access your website securely using commands. It ensures that nobody has access to your website while you are on it. SSH is usually used to communicate with the other computers by encrypting data.

What is SSL?

A secure socket layer or SSL is the security technology that establishes a secure link between the server and the browser. It ensures that all the data, exchanged between the two is done privately. All you need is an SSL certificate to make your website. It makes access to your website faster than the websites that are not secured by SSL. It is used to stay safe online since the encrypted data can only be read by the intended receiver.

Tips to Manage WordPress Security Features:

Owing to its popularity and increasing usage, WordPress is a common target for cyber criminals and intruders. You need to be more conscious about your web platform’s security. Whether you are an expert WordPress user or a beginner, here are some tips for you to follow and make your websites securer, thus, enabling them to work smoothly:

Using SSH:

Having a WordPress website means that you have several hosting options. Being a beginner or even an expert user, it saves you from lengthy technical processes to secure your website. WordPress website hosts often offer the protection of your data and personalized files such as themes etc. by using SSH. It saves your files from being accessed by hackers and manipulation of the confidential data.

Obtaining SSH:

It is easy to access the secure shell via a hosting company. You can contact your hosting company and can get your queries answered regarding their offering of SSH.

Using SSL:

SSL is as important for your website as SSH and here is why:

Having an SSL certificate means that your website can use https instead of HTTP. It keeps your entered data such as passwords or username secure. It also protects your visitor’s information from being accessed by a non-authorized person.

Websites having SSL have more chances of getting better search engine ranking. It is satisfying for the customers to know that your website is secure to be used. At the same time, having an SSL certificate increases your brand’s credibility which in turn increases your sales as customers will feel secure to share their confidential info such as credit card details and shop online.

Obtaining SSL Certificates:

Earlier, SSL certificates were expensive and were difficult to be obtained. However, having WordPress as your CMS gives you a wide range of hosting companies that can offer you SSL certificates without any inconvenience and free of cost. Once you get an SSL certificate, you need your website to be configured to use SSL. You can easily install SSL plugins for that purpose.


To simply put, security has many layers and cannot be obtained by using one security feature only. Both SSL and SSH are equally vital to keep your website secure and makes the access of unauthorized person or hackers nearly impossible for them. SSL is the primary security layer that is a must for building a secure digital platform, whereas, SSH is added to further strengthen the security.

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