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Top 4 Blogging Facts – Why some blogs are so popular

Guest post by Paul Wallis, an Australian freelance writer and journalist. He writes extensively in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the US. Why are some blogs incredibly popular? Why do great blogs get barely noticed? Why do some pretty banal looking things get millions of hits when something which is bordering on genius is ignored? It’s… Read More »

Blogging begins with a domain name

I think I mentioned myself being a part time domain investor, and I own a number of domains, which I’ve either bought from others or registered myself. So it stands to reason why I’ve rambled about domains in the past. If you’ve been planning to have an online presence, remember, the first smart step is… Read More »

BlogRush shut down for good

Ah, BlogRush is dead officially. It was coming since a long way off, but now at least it’s official. John Reese, the guy behind BlogRush, claimed it was an ill conceived venture conceived at 4 in the morning, which is not really much of an excuse, but then again, not many bloggers will be batting… Read More »

The splog menace

Problogger Darren Rowse had an interesting post talking about what many bloggers experience. He posed the question of, “Is writing great, unique content enough to build a successful blog?” I think this is a prevalent problem affecting many good blogs out there, in that they hardly get recognized for what they are worth, and break… Read More »

I have decided not to use MyBlogLog anymore

I have decided not to use MyBlogLog anymore due to a number of issues with it. Firstly, I just ran across a post by Shoemoney that the tracking by MyBlogLog is wide open to interpretation and may be against Adsense TOS. Then again, Google has never come out and said anything against MyBlogLog. So, as… Read More »

Can blogging be dangerous to your health?

I read this article a couple of days ago, and wanted to write what I thought about it since, because it would have sounded quite absurd a few years ago. I mean, you see this with video games, and other activities which I can easily imagine as being detrimental to health if overdone, but blogging?… Read More »

How to find dofollow blogs

One of the traditional boons of blogging is the whole comment thingy. Meaning leaving a comment and having the possibility of getting extra visitors to your blog, or receiving comments, and therefore not feeling like it’s just a one sided conversation. I wouldn’t think of any blogger who wouldn’t appreciate comments on their blog. The… Read More »