Benefits of WooCommerce plugin for ecommerce

By | October 7, 2020

Do you want to rapidly grow your online store’s sales? You can if you install and use WooCommerce plugins on your ecommerce site. WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform easily available today. Over 29% e-commerce stores currently use it around the globe because of its friendly features. This is an amazing plugin as it has flexible and powerful features to assist you to boost your digital store fast.

Built on the WordPress board, and developed by the same team, it provides a simple, powerful and full-fledged array of rich features for a digital shopping solution.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin for WordPress. This makes your ecommerce site simple, secure, fast and powerful. Unlike other plugins, it provides your site all important features necessary to run your online store smoothly. Also it makes your payments, shipping integration and tax management secure. Additionally you need no much technical know-how to use it. It is equally accessible to all large and small businesses without any investment.

In short, this plugin offers you a thorough e-Commerce solution that is open, secure, fast, easy to use, and can familiarizeeasily to the requirements of your digital e-commerce store.

WooCommerce Stock Manager

WooCommerce Plugin offers you all stock keeping tasks from a single window i.e., updating product stock and catalogue, rapidly filtering them, adding taxes, rate etc. Going through each product and managing its prices and stock is a daunting task. But now with this stock manager plugin, you can manage all of them easily from a single screen directly.

To manage stock data, WooCommerce Stock Manager gives you table cells and dropdowns. This makes changes and navigating fast and simple.  Each product can be saved separately. You can generate, remove or update many products at one time.WooCommerce plugin gives all important stock fields and makes the dashboard look ordered and makes stock editing easy. This is the best platform for stock and price management with secure payments.

You can also filter your products whenever you like with a Stock log page using predefined filters. You can also see the stock history for your each product.This helps you pinpoint how quickly a stock is moving and why a particular product is not moving.

In this article, you will find top eight benefits of WooCommerce plugin as an e-commerce development tool.

  1. 1. It is free to Install and Use

Yeah that’s right. It is one of the great benefits of WooCommerce. You don’t have to spend a single penny to install and use it. It is particularly beneficial for those who want to start their new business but haven’t great deal of capital to invest. Therefore, they can easily manage their budget by using a free e-commerce tool such as WooCommerce to build their new website.

Additionally, WooCommerce is one of the functions of the main e-commerce platform WordPress, which means you need not to move on other platforms to install it if you have your e-commerce website on WordPress. That’s a gain-save on your capital.

  1. 2. It is Safe and Secure

WooCommerce is secure to use as it is developed as a part of WordPress, and is constantly being upgraded by expert developers. Therefore we can give you assurance that it will always be attuned with the latest version of WordPress and would never be a security risk to your site or its data. WooCommerce is an open source platform. A great part of global developers is always there to keep its standard of reliability and excellence.

  1. It Boosts Your Business

WooCommerce plugin ensures you the growth of your business. That’s why it’s important to choose it as platform for your new start-up. We believe that by using it you can boost your business within small period. Moreover, it can maintain the growth of your business for a long time. Because of its reliability and credibility, it is used by both large and small digital stores.

This e-commerce platform is important for your business because of its unique functionality. You can put hundreds to thousands of your products on your site by using it. WooCommerce plugins also provide you a variety of countless options for customization. Simply, it offers you all the features you require to improve your digital stores and make shopping easy and simpler.

ecommerce with woocommerce

  1. It is User Friendly

WooCommerce is globally renowned like WordPress because of its user friendly features. It’s easy to install and easy to use. You need not to have a great deal of technical experience to use it. It has excellent functionality. Unlike other plugins, WooCommerce is simpler and easy to update. All these features are essential to run your business and WooCommerce provides you these free of cost.

WooCommerce plugins make their clients self-sufficient in all domains of their businesses by giving them a great series of guidelines.WooCommerce developers also provide their users a website maintenance service of updating their sites regularly.

  1. It is Flexible and Fast

Flexibility is another important feature of WooCommerce plugin. Like WordPress, WooCommerce comprises a set of features that can be protracted with the addition of plugins. Retailers get benefits to access thousands of WordPress plugins and themes with WooCommerce. It can be the best e-commerce platform for its users with the accurate plugins. To all retailors, both WordPress and WooCommerce can provide a fast and open e-Commerce understanding.

  1. It has an Exciting Developer Community

Together with WordPress, WooCommerce is also open-source. You can change or add key features freely, with great ease you can build new extensions and can create custom themes whatever you like. There is always a team of great professional and experts to help you out to manage your store. Now, with the help of WooCommerce developers, you can make all these changes without any worry.

  1. It Grows With Your Business

One of the great things about WooCommerce is that it grows with your Business. This feature makes your business future secure and bright. WooCommerce plugin is the best manager of your digital store. Together with WordPress, it provides you support to maintain your business for long time. It is not only helpful for small but also equally helpful for your large businesses and makes your site simple and fast.So, with the support of this plugin, you can alone manage your store of thousands of items alone.That’s also a money saving feature.

  1. It offers Best Content Management Services

Just like WordPress, WooCommerce provides youa wide-range of content management options, including product descriptions, blogging, email marketing, and landing pages etc. WooCommerce-compatible SEO plugins offers you a great ease to optimize their content for search.


Together with WordPress, WooCommerce plugin works as magic to boost your business. There are many other great benefits of using WooCommerce, which are not the part of this list. It’s striking features like flexibility and professional aspect makes this plugin a powerful solution for all kinds of businesses. Its price management and secure payment system make it the choice of every online digital store. Anyone who has his site on WordPress also has this plugin because of its wonderful functionality and excellent output.

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