Playing music videos in the background on Safari

By | April 14, 2016

Do you remember the days when you were able to listen to the video audio in the background while multitasking on your iOS device? If yes, then what we have here is a method that you can use to listen to your video’s audio in the background on higher versions of iOS 5.

For some odd reason, it seems that Apple disabled the feature after iOS 5. It left users without any way to listen to YouTube videos on Safari while they are multitasking on their devices. Nonetheless, there is an easy way you get it back.

You might know that you can work on other tasks while the video remains streaming on the YouTube website, but this seems only possible on computers, not on your mobile device. You may have noticed that as soon as you put the YouTube video player in the background, the video you are listening to stops. The YouTube website is required to be in the foreground if you want the video to continue without interruption; otherwise, it will be paused.

play youtube in background

How to work around this issue? Open Safari and navigate to the site i.e. and select any video to play. Now pause it. Close the browser. Now double tap the home button, swipe to left and play. Check if it works? No? Okay, let’s try this instead.

Open your Safari browser on your device, and open the site to play any video you like. Now tap the home button to go to the home screen. You will notice that the audio is paused. To change that, you can swipe up to open the screen that opens the control center, and tap on the play button.  Your video which was paused will start again. It’s easier than you imagined, right? We know. Now you can listen to the video’s audio while the app is in the background and you can multitask. If your device is an older model and not upgraded to iOS7, you still can use the same technique.

Now with the help of this simple method, you will be able to listen to your favorite music while doing something else. Apple may have disabled it by default, but you can always use this easy method to play the paused videos on your iOS devices.

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