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Google Penguin

On April 24, Big Google unleashed a nuke in the form of an update they named Penguin. Although it has been a month since the update was unleashed, the effect is still felt as everyone tries to understand what exactly went on. The truth is, this update was the biggest I’ve ever seen from Google,… Read More »

Four unexpected methods of boosting SEO

Everyone who owns a website knows the basic tricks and techniques of search engine optimisation. The most effective and well publicised seo tactic is of course based on exploiting the benefits of key search terms. Most of us are aware of how seo can be increased by spiking the content of website with an assortment… Read More »

The Duplicate Content Problem

Duplicate content is one of the banes of the Internet. And if you publish a blog or website, and your stuff is generally good, there’s a high likelihood, someone, somewhere, will copy the stuff you write and paste that up on their sites. First of all, let’s differentiate between duplicate content and syndicated content. Both… Read More »

When old is gold in SEO

Today’s one of those rare times when I blog about SEO… Everyday, the Web is being added manifold by hundreds of thousands of new pages, or websites. How does a search engine keep up with the huge increases everyday? One of the most important things they look at, with regards to a website, is age.… Read More »

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Craigslist is good for SEO

I like Craigslist. Posting ads on Craigslist is fun, and helps in boosting your link popularity and traffic. Craigslist has one of the highest Alexa rankings in the world; so if you want your site to get some exposure, posting a small ad can work wonders. I’ve heard that posting an ad on Craigslist helpes… Read More »

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Is Page Rank everything? Likely not.

Being a webmaster (and this applies for bloggers too) can be a tough chore. No kidding. It takes lots of experience and SEO knowledge to constantly keep your site at the top of the SERPs, or to get them there. And it takes constant work. The craze for links and more links would not have… Read More »

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