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Several forum marketing tips – part 2

In part 2 of my take on forums, I’ll touch on gaining reputation in forums. But a word on netiquette. When you start threads, it’s important to always be polite and observe netiquette at all times. Also, please observe proper language usage. If the forum is in English but your English is not good, then… Read More »

Several forum marketing tips – part 1

I am a member of so many forums that I actually lost count of all the forums I’m a member of, and in some cases, I have even lost the passwords. That’s how much of a forum junkie I am. I just love the atmosphere and the happening feel of it. In the world of… Read More »

My favorite forums: Part 2

Forums are almost necessities these days for webmasters. Thanks to forums, I gained tons of knowledge on so many areas of development for a webmaster. So if you’re a lurker all this while, come out of the shadows and start making your mark in the forums! Here are two other forums that have been invaluable… Read More »

My favorite forums: Part 1

I think I ought to write a post on my favorite online forums and why I like them. I would not have gotten as far as I have come today, if it weren’t for the forums that give so much in terms of value to anyone who pays a visit (and joins them). Its more… Read More »