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Using Twitter to grow your business

Social media websites connect people worldwide and revolutionize the world with effective and speedier communication. To advertise your product at social media networks, what you need is just a laptop and a high speed Internet connection. Some of the most popular social media websites are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, Pinterest, and MySpace. Through social media… Read More »

Why TweetMeme should matter to your business

Over the past four years since its first inception in 2006, the micro blogging service Twitter has achieved mainstream popularity and prominence on the internet. Now in 2010, Twitter is no longer the preserve of the technology geek, and thanks to TweetMeme, twittering isn’t just meant for following celebs or bored bloggers.

Free content giveaways – RevResponse

We all want stuff for free. I do, you do. And it seems more and more companies seem to be grasping this concept too. That consumers like freebies. This free giveaway business model seems to be slowly replacing traditional business concepts, and flourishing on the Web. From unlimited email, to unlimited bandwidth, to free hosting,… Read More »

The Web just isn’t ready for audio ads

Imagine if you surf online daily, and find that most sites played a short audio clip every single time you hit their pages. Would that be annoying? Precisely. And it’s for that reason that PayPerPlay has never gotten off the ground till today. And I remember what a buzz it created late last year. Although… Read More »

PayPerPlay about to go live

PayPerPlay (PPP) is a new concept in Web advertising which has found a large group of hopeful supporters, (as well) as detractors. It’s a “new” advertising concept by a company, NetAudioAds, and prior to this, has been heavily promoted by its recruited affiliates. Although the concept was announced a few months ago, it hasn’t really… Read More »