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WordPress 2.7 looks great

I just upgraded to WordPress 2.7 or “Coltrane,” which is not my usual practice, as I tend to wait for the subversions to come out first. But in this case, WordPress 2.7 is such a radical change that I had to upgrade. And I am pleased to say, it looks great. The admin look and… Read More »

Some annoying things about WordPress

WordPress is that blog CMS that powers millions of blogs in the blogosphere. As a WordPress user, I can understand why many consider WordPress the best thing since sliced bread. But, there are some things about WordPress which annoy me. Of course, nothing is perfect, but at least we can keep working on them to… Read More »

WordPress 2.5 is out, but a tiny rant anyway

Finally, WordPress 2.5 is out. Some of you may know that WordPress 2.4 was skipped in March, to instead release it as WordPress 2.5. For me, I have no complaints on this one, except to make upgrading to future versions of WordPress as easy as they pump those versions out. In other words, I’m hoping… Read More »

Pinging and ping lists

Pinging is an essential part of the blogging process although it isn’t nearly as effective today as it was 3 years ago. Back then, a simple ping could bring in an extra few hundred visitors to your totally brand new blog. Those days are probably over. However, it doesn’t mean pinging is ineffective anymore. In… Read More »

3 lesser known but useful WordPress plugins

WordPress is endowed with hundreds of plugins, all contributed by their authors in true sharing spirit. It’s one of the main reasons why it is the most popular blogging platform of all time. But out of the hundreds of plugins, how many does a WordPress user need at any given time? Not many. Over the… Read More »

WordPress 2.3 does not spy on users

If you are using WordPress 2.3, which is the latest version, there is a new feature of it which may appear alarming to some; it transmits your blog information and URL, along with the version number, to the main WordPress server. This feature is not a spying feature, but has been implied to be so… Read More »