My thoughts on the Technorati Fave Swapping

By | May 2, 2007


Of late, there has been various discussions going on regarding the Technorati Fave Exchange Experiment that was started by a few weeks ago.

Currently, there are many bloggers split over this whole issue, and indeed I see various views put forth… but at the end of the day, I think it still boils down to the simple question of keeping it real/natural, producing good content on your blog, and not getting carried away or losing focus of your priorities – which is your blogging, after all.

I never considered the Technorati Favourites as a priority, and almost all of my faves to date were just to reciprocrate other bloggers that faved me as a goodwill gesture, even though I knew I was… for the most part, mass faved.

At the very least, it gave me an excuse to visit other blogs which was quite an interesting exercise in itself 😉 Some blogs I visited were good, entertaining, and informative, and so for me at least, the whole exercise did have a little merit – in introducing me to a few bloggers and their blogs, which I would not have otherwise known (although I would point out that only a few returned my gesture by visiting my blog in turn).

As for Technorati themselves stepping up to address the issue remains to be seen, but I for one will just be carrying on what I’m doing, (which is my blogging) and indeed nothing changes for me in this regard. How this all pans out will be seen in the coming future, but I won’t be breaking a sweat over it. I will probably be more selective of the blogs I choose to fave in future, though. Bear in mind, Technorati has not even spoken about this yet.

For further reading, Darren and Maki both have their good points regarding this whole issue.

Alright then, let’s all get back to our business of blogging, shall we?

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2 thoughts on “My thoughts on the Technorati Fave Swapping

  1. Maki

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the matter, Darrin. 🙂

  2. DarrinW

    You’re welcome Maki 🙂

    There is only space for 100 blogs to be there on the Top 100 list, but the blogosphere is much bigger than that, as we well know.

    If this Technorati Fave Exchange could actually be an hitherto unexplored avenue towards a “build community” factor amongst bloggers, by encouraging bloggers to visit blogs and leaving comments, than it certainly would not ruffle any feathers (in Technorati or elsewhere) and this is actually a good positive to it that has probably yet to be explored further by Technorati Fave Exchangers/Swappers, so far as I notice.

    That was also probably the whole purpose of the Technorati Blog Fave feature all along, although it remained underutilized all this while and would have remained so, until you placed it on the blogosphere radar.

    I guess when it’s done as in an automated, robotic way, then that is when it could be flagged as “gaming” to some. 🙂

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