There are still good alternatives to Dmoz, but the number is dropping

By | September 3, 2007

With ShoeMoney posting recently about his Dmoz extortion experience, I thought I’d throw in my 2 cents too. I know, Dmoz is slowly losing its reputation, but then again, would you say anything against Dmoz if your site was actually listed in Dmoz? I don’t think so…

That said, why bother with Dmoz at all? The point is, Dmoz is the Google directory. And getting into Dmoz is like the Holy Grail for many webmasters. Being listed in Dmoz gives bragging rights, and a strong PageRank endorsement, practically for life. That’s the ideal, not quite the reality for many though.

If you can’t get into Dmoz, there are a few other directories that still pull weight, it just means that you’ll need to pay a bundle for these, or getting in for free (next to impossible). There are thousands of small directories that may have to close shop soon. Most directories do not help your traffic or rankings, but there’s some still worth mentioning like the Yahoo directory, Chiff directory, and Librarians Internet Index. But for how long will directories be relevant?

At this point, Google appears to be shuffling its algo again, so it appears some directories got hit. If you try searching for the term, “strongest directories,” you only get 685,000 results, none of which contain the top directories on the first page results. I mean, shouldn’t the results figure be higher for such a term?
But directories are still relevant, according to this SEOmoz article, just that the directories need to be really careful with their links. So, I won’t be surprised if top directories tightened their entry rulings even further after this. The list of “acceptable” directories in Google’s eyes may drop significantly to only represent a fraction of the former number.

Think its not a matter of “if” but “when.”

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