Are you still on BlogRush?

By | November 10, 2007

I just put the BlogRush widget back on my blog. Although I did take off BlogRush previously, and so far I have not put it on for a month, I decided to continue with it for the time being. There might be some of you that have received John Reese’s email about BlogRush updating to version or phase 2; I didn’t really check out what the changes were, but when I checked it out, there definitely were improvements. I noticed some people were asking in forums on how to put the widget in; I have outlined the easy steps in my previous post on BlogRush.

I have noticed many big time bloggers no longer have BlogRush on – so why did I place it on again?

First up, this is not a permanent decision. I’ll probably take it off again (as in an on-off kind of thing), and I won’t be saying anymore about it when I do so (unless there really is something to talk about). But here are the reasons why I have re-added BlogRush back in for the time being.

1) My blog is still receiving visitors from BlogRush, even throughout the period I have left it off. And BlogRush hasn’t been on Modern Street since September 24th. That was 1.5 months ago….As you can see NO activity!


2) As for the traffic, John Reese freely admits there has been no “traffic rush” in his video, and there likely won’t be in future. We all couldn’t agree more…2 readers out of 1200 impressions is NOT a rush by any mile. But, Reese mentioned about the trickle down effect, which… a logical argument. Those are my BlogRush stats while I wasn’t even having the widget on.


3) By looking at the “buzz meter” on the right side, it gives a picture of the trends and topics that are “hot” in the Blogosphere. So, it might serve as some kind of “topic” hint for bloggers. Actually, Mr Reese did mention something in the works called Traffic Jam, but I’ll wait till it comes out…before I say anything.

4) Finally, BlogRush has a dashboard to view stats. This was something all the former users wanted to see. And of course, new widget coloring and sizes….

So all in all, it might be worth to put it on again. The one obvious thing about BlogRush, if you asked me, is that the widget looks like a banner, and thus becomes a victim of “banner blindness.” BlogRush would probably do better if it used animation to attract attention, much like Widgetbucks.

Talk later.

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