Can blogging be dangerous to your health?

By | April 9, 2008

I read this article a couple of days ago, and wanted to write what I thought about it since, because it would have sounded quite absurd a few years ago. I mean, you see this with video games, and other activities which I can easily imagine as being detrimental to health if overdone, but blogging? Some of you might have seen an article in the New York Times about “blogging to death.”

Ok, this piece of news is pretty interesting for a blogger like me, because it shows once again just how fragile the human body really is. I don’t want to think that maybe one of the causes was their age factor, but I did notice those guys were all over 40. Would that have been a factor? Or has blogging evolved over the past several years into an “angst” ridden masochistic activity?

stress.jpgWhen you’re drinking 4 cups of coffee a day, and constantly working around deadlines and page view numbers, and most importantly, not getting enough rest and exercise, the health risks will multiply regardless of your age. Happens everywhere; even to gaming fans who are supposed to be having fun. The keyword here is stress.

Per se, I don’t think blogging is as bad as some activities. Bloggers just need to make the time to get a balance elsewhere. Once, I used to think I needed to blog everyday, or at least every other day, but nowadays, now my views are quite the opposite.

Rather than list down some health steps, I think it is more important to think with perspective. Prioritize what’s important, and let go of what’s not. And enjoyment is an important priority for me. Without enjoyment, blogging is no more different from a typical, mundane, journalist type of job.

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