Does your blog evolve?

By | April 19, 2007

One of the things that sets blogs apart from other kinds of websites is the fact that blogs are constantly evolving creations that reflect the bloggers personal taste and style. Unlike a typical static website, publishing has never been easier with blogs, and the fact that it gets more people online is the main reason (in my opinion), why all the search engines, predominantly Google, have been so in love with blogs and continue to be.

If you dislike your post, well you can delete it. If you wish to ammend a page, that’s done in minutes. Change your template? That’s easy too. At least with WordPress.

And constant updates is what makes your blog connect with the search engines. I have been a quite frequent reader of Gizmodo for some years, and it is interesting to look back and compare the changes that Gizmodo has undergone over the years. Although the underlying look is always simplicity (I’m a stickler for simplicity), its worth noting the changes Gizmodo has undergone over time.

gizmodo-2003.jpg Back in 2003

Gizmodo’s byline back then was called “The Gadgets Weblog“. The layout was centered and just around 700 something pixels, with simple navigation, right sidebar and lots of white space.


Gizmodo today

Now, the byline is called “The Gadget Guide” and the layout is full screen with a left sidebar. It still retains the simple look which is in contrast to many tech blogs. If you asked me, I’d say there is not much to choose from between the latter over the former. It is still the quality reviews of the latest technologies that makes Gizmodo shine.

In the blogging context

In the context of blogging, it doesn’t hurt to constantly make changes which are consistent with your blog’s overall theme, so long as it makes you, the blogger happy. Evolution defines life, and that should also include your blog. Even the Web is a constant evolution in motion, and what works today may not work tommorow. Something worth bearing in mind at all times.

In this regard, I’ve also decided to streamline my byline to a shorter but snazzier description, which better describes what this blog is about, but still keeping my focus on the Web in general and making money on the Web, in particular.

Just don’t be afraid of changes or tweaks and don’t be afraid to refine your blog further as you move along in your web journey. Just stay the course of your main topic, and of course, keep blogging away on what you love.

Finding your own USP (Unique Selling Proposition) or Voice, and gradually refining it in a crowded blogosphere is perhaps the least understood, but the most important factor in deciding if your blog rises up, or stays in mediocrity.

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