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Namecheap Marketplace: A good place to sell domain names

There are many places to sell your domain names, but one of the reasons why a domain name doesn’t get sold, is because of the competition. For example, on Sedo, there are so many millions of domains there that more often than not, it is impossible for your domain to actually get “airtime”. Not so… Read More »

The future of domain parking?

In light of the latest shake up by Google concerning Adsense arbitrage and MFAs, many people have asked, is it possible Google will go after domain parking? Good question. I think the news that Google is doing away with Adsense arbitrage and MFA sites is possibly the most significant piece of news I’ve heard to… Read More »

Biggest cash sale of a domain – yesterday sold for about $9.5 million with the sale being brokered by Moniker. That is a mega sale, the biggest domain sale so far in Web history as far as a cash transaction is concerned. The domain was bought by MXN Ltd, an Internet media firm. Details are of course a little sketchy, as… Read More »

New TLDs coming – Good or Bad?

A short while ago, ICANN announced they would be looking to approve some more new domain TLDs come August 2008. The announcement was made public about two days ago on their website. These TLDs or to be more specific, these gTLDs, will be adding to the current array of the gTLDs already in use, and… Read More »

The importance of .com

There is no doubt about it; .com is the undisputed king by a long mile. Speaking from experience, I once had a .info on one of my hosting accounts and even after 5 months it wasn’t indexed at all by Google. Till today, it still has not been indexed, even long after I removed it… Read More » review

There is a service called that allows you to park your domains there and earn almost all the money there for yourself by placing your own Google ads on the template. You can customize the templates to a certain degree and there are news layout and blog layout formats to choose from. They have… Read More »

How to choose a good domain name

Without a doubt, this is the most important step of all. Be sure of what you want to implement on your site, the concept or theme, before you start the process of brainstorming a suitable domain. There is nothing like the satisfaction of owning a domain name that you can call your very own, at… Read More »

Domain basics

I have something to reveal, I’m a domaining enthusiast. Although I don’t claim to be a pro at it, but domaining is something that got me a lot more fixated with the web a long time ago and instantly gave me a presence on the web. Just register a domain and “voila!” you have an… Read More »