1Plus.net review

By | April 8, 2007

1plus.jpgThere is a service called 1Plus.net that allows you to park your domains there and earn almost all the money there for yourself by placing your own Google ads on the template. You can customize the templates to a certain degree and there are news layout and blog layout formats to choose from. They have 1Plus parking and straight parking page options with feeds coming from Revenue Pilot (a parking company) and therefore you are advised to choose the standard 1Plus parking page with your Adsense ads, so you get all the revenue. Not only that, but it’s a place to buy and sell domains. The homepage “featured” section has lots of domains for sale. If you register, you will also get free feature on a rotational basis, so it although it can be an obscure TLD, it will get indexed…as the SE’s frequent the homepage.

Unlike traditional domain parking services, this service actually allows you to place your own Adsense ads there and therefore earn almost all the revenue yourself. When I say almost, it’s because 1Plus will place their own Adsense ads once every 10 page views (on a rotating basis) and therefore statistically, you actually get 90% which is still much more than say, a traditional parking service where you only get “about” 30% of what you actually earn via PPC.

1plus-control-panel-options.jpgTheir concept, apparently running like this…”By domainers for domainers” …is pretty good, and I’m compelled to say yes, it’s good, but ONLY if your domain gets traffic. I have 1Plus to thank for getting me a $2.00 Adsense click 🙂

So what are the 1Plus pros?

  • 100% user control and almost 100% ad revenue.
  • Compliant with Adsense and YPN.
  • Registered users get 1 free “featured” domain on the homepage which of course will be rotated amongst the other thousands.
  • Free escrow domain sales service with no commission, so you make 100% of any domain you sell. You can choose if you want to place a “this domain for sale” notice on your template for every domain you have parked there.
  • Domains parked at 1Plus look like mini sites, and they can even get indexed and Page Rank 1 or 2. All my domains that I have there are indexed by now.
  • Page views may actually increase, but this is dependent on various factors.
  • 1Plus has improved a lot since inception, and now you can also write your own articles to place on the front page of your mini site, which is a great feature.

What about the 1Plus cons?

  • You need a great domain with great traffic if you want to earn anything in the first place. News based or abstract domains are best. A lousy domain will not get traffic and earn nothing, no matter where you park or place it.
  • My “biggest” gripe is still the content on the template does not match certain domains and is mostly quite irrelevent stuff, if you’re using their news feeds. But you can of course write your own articles for better targetting.
  • Oops, no adult domains allowed, but small thing really, cos you can’t have Adsense on adult domains in the first place, so not an issue.

So, overall, its still a great service and concept which is free of charge, and you might get lucky in selling off your domains at…1Plus.net. Now, how many parking services are as customizable as this and free at the same time?

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