9 Must-Have Firefox Add-ons for Web Developers

By | January 30, 2009

An obvious difference between Firefox and other browsers is the ability to install add-ons or plugins that can enhance the surfing experience (at least for the majority of add-ons). If you are a web developer, creating user-friendly and standards compliant webpages is important. You may be designing a complex application or a simple webpage, but you still need to be powered with tools which will help speed up your projects.

Here is a list of most useful Firefox add-ons that can serve any Web developer well:

Firebug: This has been a most useful add-on for web developers and designers alike, who are often lost in large CSS or complex HTML outputs. This add-on helps you view the DOM (Document Object Model) of the output HTML. You can verify any dynamic scripts (like JavaScript) for consistency and errors. It is useful when you get lost in complex CSS. You can easily examine the inheritance and limitations of classes and IDs.

Web Developer Toolbar: This is an excellent extension for Firefox through which you can easily control your webpages and check them under different situations. You can check your pages without CSS, without colors, verify alt tags of images, validate pages on different platforms, enable/disable JavaScript, cache, pop-ups, cookies, control font sizes, forms and many more. This helps you see how robust your web page or application is under different conditions and screen resolutions.

ColorZilla: This handy tool can easily grab colors from any section of the webpage which you are currently opening in the browser window. It is an efficient color picker and helps you obtain the HEX codes of any color on a webpage.

LiveHTTPHeaders: This add-on helps you verify HTTP header status messages for every element on a webpage. This is mainly used to verify the status of webpages as whether they are 301, 302, 200 or 400. This add-on reports cookie information and user-agents too.

Search Status: A must-have extension for developers who use it to surf the web. With this tool, you can learn more about a page or site, through its Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, and Compete Rank. This is a nice SEO add-on which helps you easily identify no-follow links on a webpage.

Greasemonkey: This add-on lets you add JavaScript to any Web page, when you have a good knowledge of writing these scripts. Many people use Greasemonkey to generate scripts to run on their webpages. At first Greasemonkey does nothing, it just enables the scripting. You’ll need to write or install userscripts before you can see any changes on your webpages.

Firefox Accessibility Extension: This extension adds accessibility check features which are useful for people with disabilities and also helps developers to evaluate the accessibility of their designed applications.

Screengrab: Through this Firefox add-on you can easily take screenshots of any webpage opened in any tab inside the browser view port, in its entirety. You can have screenshots of websites in various ways, like a screenshot of the whole website below the fold, or only over the fold.

WAVE Toolbar: WAVE web accessibility evaluation toolbar helps you to assess the accessibility of your web pages, without sending any information to the WAVE server. It validates your pages for accessibility check against W3C Accessibility Initiative guidelines.

So there you have it – 9 add-ons for Firefox that are useful for any webmaster project. Get help with these tools and add-ons from your favorite web browser, and make your Web development more user-friendly and consistent.

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