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Upgrading WordPress and changing the theme

Upgrading WordPress is usually a very easy thing to do, and should be trouble free. Normally, an upgrade only takes around 30 minutes or less to complete, provided you plan things in advance. Most of the work involves making site backups and then later uploading everything. Basically, any WordPress upgrade involves two VERY important keywords:… Read More »

WordPress 2.2.1 out soon and current issues with version 2.2

With the imminent release of WordPress 2.2.1 just around the corner in a few days time, I think I should post a writeup of the current issues revolving around WordPress 2.2. It would be good to draw a comparison between the main version and the soon-to-be-released subversion, and see if it has any significant changes.… Read More »

WordPress memory exhausted? Try this.

If your WordPress installation is suddenly giving you an error with this message – “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 25165824 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate X bytes) in /home /Your-Username/public_html/ the particular folder on line X” this means that the memory limit has been reached for your WordPress installation either due to certain plugins… Read More »

Maintenance Mode plugin

Here’s a plugin I feel every WordPress blog should not be without. I just came across it and boy, does it sure come in handy. Basically what this plugin does is to put up a temporary page to announce that you are doing some site maintenance and to be right back back in X amount… Read More »

The coolest Ajax WordPress theme so far

Now, I just came across Samanathons post on a WordPress theme generator. This is a cool idea, to actually be able to build a theme from a basic framework. It saves you the trouble of going around and finding a theme to use for your WordPress site by generating a “new” WordPress theme based on… Read More »

Changing domains in WordPress

Finally, I have changed domains successfully 🙂 Instead of keeping that post, I will issue this one to replace the prior post…(sorry)…and hopefully I can pick up where I left. I couldn’t have done it without my host’s (DownTownHost) support, so my thanks to Jorge & Diego for all the help issued. Guys, finding a… Read More »

WordPress vs Blogger? Pros and cons – Part Two

Continuing from part one; here is a list of Blogger pros and cons. I’ll refer to the new Blogger here, which just came out of Beta recently: Blogger pros For many people, it’s their first ever taste of web publishing. Create an account and you’re on your way to write your first post and get… Read More »

WordPress vs Blogger? Pros and cons – Part One

If you have been online for awhile now, you would probably have heard of the blog phenomenon OR came across many blogs by now in your daily surfing. Here, I won’t be talking about blogging, but rather about the excellent blogging tools that bloggers have come to love – WordPress and Blogger. Now, I have… Read More »