The coolest Ajax WordPress theme so far

By | April 27, 2007

Now, I just came across Samanathons post on a WordPress theme generator. This is a cool idea, to actually be able to build a theme from a basic framework. It saves you the trouble of going around and finding a theme to use for your WordPress site by generating a “new” WordPress theme based on your specifications, and doesn’t require PHP or HTML knowledge. It works by you adjusting the CSS specs. I’m guessing the theme is 100% CSS based or almost wholly so.

It seems to me that the next generation WordPress themes could very well head this direction, ala DIY self customization. When Canvas came out some time ago, it created a stir. We’ll probably be seeing more new ideas coming along this vein in the future.


At present, I am aware of the existence of a very modern concept in blog theme design. Actually I came across this theme concept several months ago. Head over to BloxPress and check out the concept there. The author, Kjell Bublitz is probably one of the more talented blog theme designers around, IMHO.

I was looking for a cool WordPress theme and was pottering about the Web when I came across his site, and I was immediately taken aback by how cool this theme concept was. I’ve previously never seen such extensive use of Ajax for a blog theme.

The widgets are all Ajaxified, and if you use it as your theme, the visitor can actually customize your theme according to how he prefers it. He can shift the sidebars around, close the calender or open it up, move the categories, collapse the columns, add Technorati or Flickr widgets, etc. All Ajax powered, widget friendly, and works via cookies so that no two visitors will be seeing the same thing. Green Marinee theme and Pool theme are also included as part of the BloxPress download package.

Instead of adding a raft of pics, you might prefer to check out the demo for BloxPress here, that showcases the default BloxPress theme.

In my opinion, this theme concept has a lot of future potential. Go check it out.

Edit: The site has been shut down for the time being. A pity, as the concept was so cool then, and now.

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