How to stop telemarketers from calling

By | February 13, 2009

You are very busy in your home office going through some important papers and the cell phone on your table starts ringing, demanding your attention. You may expect it to be someone you know or some other important phone call. You pick it up and on the other end, a smiling telemarketer starts ramming their greatest product or holiday tour down your throat.

Do you wish to get rid of such pesky calls? Well, if you live in the US, you have a solution actually. The telemarketers gain access to phone numbers from various directories and then start their campaigns. The best way to avoid such phone calls is to enlist your phones numbers in the government ‘Do Not Call List’.

Once you are listed in the ‘Do Not Call List‘ of the government, you can drastically reduce, or eliminate all telemarketers. The law prohibits such calls to numbers which are registered in the government don’t call list. The process of getting registered is very easy and you can do it in a few minutes. All you have to do is follow the following few steps, and register your phone number and mobile number in the ‘Do Not Call Register’.

The first step off course would be logging into the site of the National Do Not Call Registry. Refer right here –

You will find columns where you need to enter the phone numbers you wish to register with the Registry. You are also required to provide your email address and once you have entered all the required information, just click on the button ‘Submit.’


Once you have submitted the phone numbers you will be directed to a page which will review all your submitted info. Once you are sure that your info is correct, click on the button highlighting ‘Register’. If you feel some changes need to be done, click on the “Change” button and correct the information which you need to change. When you will have finished, click ‘Register.’

This isn’t complete yet. The Registry will send you an email to verify all the phone numbers you have registered. When you receive the mails from, open them and follow the link provided to complete the registration process.

You need to verify your phone numbers within 72 hours. If you don’t confirm the mail, your numbers won’t be added to the ‘Don’t Call List’. After registration, if you still receive calls from telemarketers after 31 days, you can lodge your complaint at

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