Just back after some malware problems

By | May 28, 2007

virus-cartoon.JPGI’m back after a few days offline due to a problem with my PC. Seems I had a malware problem which required me to reformat my hard disk.

But looking on the bright side, I think it probably was good as well, that I had this problem. Because now, I can actually surf with greater ease, and not worry so much about spyware/malware/viruses.

The solution? Get another PC, a low end PC just for surfing and downloading whatever you fancy and let those spyware spy all they want, they will get nothing worthwhile to spy on!

A cheap low end PC is something trashy that is just meant for surfing, something like a throw away email that you use for subscribing to all those guru sites that will send you tons of spam! 🙂

But on a serious note, viruses/malware/spyware are not to be taken lightly, and I’ll be talking about them in future posts. If they happen to mess up your hard drive at the wrong time and place, fixing your hard drive can be slow and costly in terms of time lost.

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