Mac OS X Lion – Key features

By | May 14, 2011

Guest post by Tim Millet. Tim Millet is a freelance writer currently involved in the SEO industry.

If you work in the online marketing and SEO industry, you know what it is like to have a cluttered and ridiculously busy desktop. Apple continues to prove it is the best operating system for heavy users who have many windows open at the same time. If you love the way an iPad works, and you still want the functions of a laptop, the new Mac OS X Lion operating system is for you.

Here is a quick look at some of the new features that makes this system the best for anyone who is involved in heavy and daylong laptop use. The good news is the Mac OS X Lion will be released fairly soon, so we don’t have long to wait.

Sharing. If you work in an agency, you are probably sharing articles and other files all day long. With PC systems, we are forced to use complicated networks. Sharing has always been very easy with Apple, but it became easier now.

Apple’s new AirDrop makes it easy to instantly share with Apple users over a wireless network. Drop your files into AirDrop and you are done – no more connecting to networks or setting up new computers on your network. Use your office wireless system as an instant way to communicate.

Mac OS X Lion

Resume. Do you take too much time to get started in the morning? Do you have to open all those programs, webpages, and files from the previous day? With Resume, your laptop will start at the exactly same point it was when you shut it down. No more waiting to shut all those pages and programs down before you leave to go home, and no more waiting to get them open in the morning.

Trackpad Features. Everyone who uses an Apple laptop likes the way they can use extra features on the Trackpad. For anyone who uses an iPad, the extrapolation of how an iPhone works, swiping and tapping has become second nature (By the way, here is a good free guide for iPad users).

With Lion, your laptop Trackpad works in exactly the same way. There are all the functions of the iPad and iPhone on your Trackpad, and now you can use your laptop in the same way as you use your iPad. With a larger peripheral Trackpad, use becomes more intuitive and responsive.

Auto save and Versions. You will never have to remember to save your work, because it will always be done for you. Lion saves inside the working document and doesn’t create additional documents. Versions autosave your work as you move forward on your projects. You can slide back through your versions, if there is a change you want to make.

Launch pad and Mission Control. This new feature for your laptop will make it feel like your iPad instead. One hit of this button and all of your applications will appear on your desktop. When you have many files and programs open on your desktop, and you want to see everything at once, in a single click of the Mission Control button, you have a total overview of every program that is running and every file you are working on. This one is perfect for those of us working in PR and search engine optimization because we can have so many files, documents and pages open, at any given time.

If you are not using Apple now, it is about time you were. Why do those Apple fanboys love Apple so much?

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