New Year resolutions

By | January 2, 2008

My New Year resolutions? I have none. Not really.

New Year resolutions never work, because unfortunately, no one really keeps them. If there is one resolution worth having though, it is becoming more time efficient. If you can accomplish more in 5 hours what would take someone 10 hours, you’d be miles ahead.

But there’s a catch. You can’t be productive, yet cut corners at the same time. It doesn’t work that way.

2008 will be a very challenging year for bloggers. Many blogs are going to fade away in the face of relentless pressure from Google. But I hope to continue blogging here for as long as I can.

For this year, I hope to:

  • Discard the things that don’t work, and just focus on the things that do work in my life.
  • Manage time better.
  • Limit my expenses.
  • Not plan too far ahead.
  • Be mindful of my impact on the environment, and adjust my lifestyle accordingly.

Those aren’t resolutions. Those are guidelines. Resolutions are self made missions that would be considered a failure if they weren’t achieved. But, anything can happen in a year. So most people wind up making the same old resolutions, year in and out. You’d be better off having waypoints and guidelines to follow throughout the year, rather than resolutions.

Or as websurfers like to call them – Stickies.

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