Popularity Contest plugin patched

By | May 19, 2008

For WordPress users there is plugin which you might be familiar with, called Popularity Contest. This plugin helps you to view what are your popular posts and hopefully, you will get a better picture of what most of your readers want to read. This should help you in creating other posts with a similar theme to your popular posts. Obviously, it comes real handy for all WordPress bloggers.

But there’s a problem I found out the other day, when I tried to activate this plugin. It triggered fatal errors in my admin panel and could not be activated. This plugin apparently ceased to work with the latest version of WordPress, namely WP 2.5.1. Neither was it updated in a while.

I searched around, and found this solution in the WordPress forums. Basically, you need to go to your Cpanel admin panel, and hit File Manager.

In File Manager, go to your WordPress installation and then deeper in, go to your plugins folder. Find the Popularity Contest plugin there and open up popularity-contest.php within your Cpanel itself.

On line 59, replace the words:




This works if you have installed the plugin previously, but deactivated it to upgrade WordPress, and then found it couldn’t work. But if you are installing the plugin for the first time, you will still get fatal error messages. This post by Wessley Roche points out a few quick fixes for a couple of lines, if you haven’t the 2 tables of the plugin already installed.

Unfortunately, on one of my other blogs, the plugin still failed to work despite the 2 required tables already there from previous installations. Until Adii recently emailed me a patched version, which I believe, should work for all cases (worked for me).

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