Google Buzz for Mobile

By | June 5, 2010

Guest post by Ayesha Ahmad

Google Buzz is another social media application released on February this year. The application built in the Gmail window allows users to follow their favorite contacts and share links, videos, photos etc. in a hassle free way, collaborate with friends, and keep updated. Being integrated with Gmail, the friends list is automatically created and you do not have to make one from scratch. However at the same time, Buzz is not intrusive for Gmail users. In this post, we will pinpoint some exciting features of Google Buzz.

Buzz can be visualized as an amalgam of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Friend Feed. There is also Google Buzz for Mobile, on mobile devices like Android and Iphone.

Getting started with Buzz on your mobile phone is easy:

  • Log onto
  • Send Buzz to your phone from the Send to Phone button
  • Once you successfully open the page, you are able to view Buzz (updates) from your friends, essentially the same way as on your computer.
  • In order to enter your status, you must post a Buzz. You can also tag your location via Google Maps. You can also post comments on the status of your friends.

Google Buzz for mobile has some distinguished features that make sharing via mobile a convenient experience. Here are the core features, elaborated briefly.

  • Tagging Locations:
    Google Buzz, like Google Latitude is a location-Aware social Network. Many features of Latitude are enhanced in Buzz. When posting a Buzz from your phone you can also tag your location. To tag location from your phone, select your suggestions or search your locations. The location you select will be displayed on your Buzz which makes sharing more interactive. This location-implementation is based on an AGPS system.
  • Integration of Buzz with Google Maps:
    The ‘Buzz Layer’ on Google Maps for mobile enables you to find out the happenings in the vicinity of your current location. The numbers of Buzz messages coming from a location indicate how eventful it is.  With Buzz Layer in Google Maps you can mark these action-packed places that can possibly be a newly opened restaurant, any social meeting or art exhibition. Similarly, you can view the affairs of any location you are interested in.
  • Views in Buzz:
    There are 2 major views for your Buzz messages – Following View: The Following View will show Buzz messages from the people you follow. It is similar to Google Buzz in your Gmail. Nearby View: The Nearby View will display public Buzz updates tagged in your near-by location. You can also select location for which you need to span the associated Buzz messages.
  • Using Buzz with Google Phone Voice Shortcut:
    As all the text fields in the Google phone are voice enabled and capable of transcribing voice into text, posting buzz is more unproblematic with Google Phone. You can effortlessly touch “Post buzz” and speak the content you want to publish about yourself.
  • Simple shortcut to post Buzz:
    To post your buzz message conveniently, the shortcut for the posting box is placed on the navigation bar.

Google Buzz Nearby ViewComparisons between Facebook, and Google Buzz are obvious. While many assume that Google is too late to venture in this field due to Facebook’s dominance, Google doesn’t seem to think so, and it could turn out that Buzz and Facebook can co-exist.

As Buzz comes with Gmail it becomes convenient to stay informed with emails. However, this can be bothersome in some cases, like for people who use Gmail for professional emails.

Another consequence is through Buzz you might find yourself following people or cooperates you have mailed years ago. People have complained that Buzz tends to expose their contact list. This incorporation of Gmail and Buzz is stirring confusion among some Gmail users.

There have been other complaints concerning security issues, due to which Buzz has been revised for at least three times. However despite trivial complaints Google Buzz for Mobile continues to gain Android and Iphone users as fans, being a location-based social-interacting communication pad. I recommend to try-out Buzz for an interesting experience!

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