More Gmail storage space

By | October 13, 2007

Today, while checking my Gmail, I noticed that the storage space has crossed over past 3 Gb worth of storage space. It was like 2.9 Gb for the longest time, and there’s no way it could have gone up so fast. According to the official Gmail blog, it says that “more Gmail storage is coming.”

Ok, I’ll wait for it then. Right now, it still reads for me as, “you are using 0% of your 2933 MB.” That’s right. I’m still using 0% of my email because I routinely delete so much old stuff, and I have emails spread out over all the major email providers. Yet, I find I use Gmail more than any other email service.

{Update} My Gmail space has finally increased by 1300-something Mbs!

It’s not hard to compare Gmail with other email services like Hotmail (who closes accounts when not in use for the shortest of times) or Yahoo (which is quite slow and unreliable sometimes). I use Gmail more than I use any other email services, and there is a reason why.

I won’t go on to talk about why Gmail rocks and so on, but this post about all the tools/hacks for Gmail is worth a read. I’m happy Gmail didn’t close my account so easily, even after 3 years of no log-ins.

Gmail was/is the leader in innovative email technologies, and what you’re seeing now with Hotmail and Yahoo are just “follow the leader” emulations. There’s only one thing they need to do now – remove that “beta” tag.

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