An Adsense preview tool and the latest policy change.

By | June 14, 2007

Adsense publishers may have realized that Google now allows for 3 link units on any given page, according to their recent blog post. Previously, the policy all along was a maximum of 3 Ad units for content, 1 link unit, and 2 Google product referral unit buttons.

Link units are some of the more useful Adsense ad formats available. It usually works best in the sidebar under/above your page navigation links, in the subheader, or the bottom of a page. Previously, you could only have 1 link unit on a page, so that restricted publishers to just choosing one spot and putting it up there.

According to the oft quoted pic from the Adsense page, the best Adsense places are the orange and red zones. I’ve added the blue lines to show where are the usual/sensible places for link units. Now that 3 units are allowed, its easier to experiment.


Another piece of news is this handy Adsense preview tool by the Digital Inspiration author, Amit Agarwal. It’s useful to find out if a keyword/niche will also be profitable in Adsense by having publishers bidding and advertising on the particular keyword. If the entered keyword only generates a few adverts, it may indicate a lack of Adwords publishers for this keyword. So if you’re hoping to monetize with Adsense, it would be better to find another keyword that will generate ads.

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