Rich Jerk for sale?

By | May 24, 2007

According to ShoeMoney, the Rich Jerk aka Kelly Felix is selling his site for $8 million. When I caught this news yesterday, I couldn’t believe it. Then maybe its just a publicity stunt?

Seems the Rich Jerk is in debt due to some heady ad expenditure. All this while, I have believed he was making some serious money, and you probably may have seen his Adwords ad campaigns promoting his site, or even checked out his latest X-Ray software (the ad purportedly shows his Adwords account and what seems to be thousands in earnings in a day).

I dont believe he was faking his success all along, inflating – “yes”, but outright faking – “no”.

If you ran as many ads as the Rich Jerk, there’s no way you cannot make at least some money, but remember, “rich” is a relative term. If you earn a million a year, but your monthly expenditure is like $70 k (houses, cars, bills, partying, business expenses, jetsetting, etc), you would still be on the same terms money wise, as someone earning half as much, but spending much less.

Being rich also requires good money management. What the Rich Jerk earns every month would probably be considered fabulous money by most other marketers out there. But end of the day, lavish earnings + lavish spending does not equal to lavish profit.

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